My reason why.

I live a life of recovery and am so grateful for it.

Physically, I have experienced many ailments over the years that have either kept me from competing athletically or have diminished my ability to even accomplish the simplest of activities. I have also risked my physical health by consuming food and drinks that have wrecked havoc on my body.

Mentally, I have lived through many highs and lows. My highs have resulted in many amazing experiences but have also put me in some dangerous situations that I have been fortunate enough to overcome early on in my adult life. My lows have taken me to some dark places but have also taught me that everything is temporary and time, patience and perseverance are great companions. 

Spiritually, I have suffered from not believing I had the talent to be "good enough" or shall I dare say "great enough" to create something of value. Many rejections and a perception of a lack of "successes" caused me to isolate and stop creating or truly express mySELF which was completely crushing to my soul. I also found myself not being able to play and have fun during some low spiritual moments in my life.


Emotionally, I have experienced a multitude of loss of life of family and friends. I have also dealt with not truly loving mySELF at times. My lack of internal strength caused my physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health to suffer dramatically throughout times in my life until I woke me up in the middle of one fateful night with the concept for MyFOURmula™ and The MyFOURmula Way™.

Now, living my life through MyFOURmula™ and The MyFOURmula Way™, has provided me with so many amazing opportunities building Strength, Peace, Freedom and Love not only in me but in my family, friends and in the people I coach. I am grateful to know that my purpose and my reason WHY was to experience my suffering which has given me the insight to develop MyFOURmula™ and TheMyFOURmulaWay™. This has not only transformed me and my life but is AVAILABLE NOW to transform YOU to Recovery Your SELF™ and Live Your Purpose TODAY.


Coach Ray is the creator and founder of MyFOURmula™ and The MyFOURmula Way™, an Evolutionary Self-Health Practice. Coach Ray brings 25 years of professional and lived experience to his clients. From careers in the Music & Entertainment industry, as a Hip Hop artist, producer and recording engineer business owner, to the Real Estate industry then to the Human Service industry, his broad array of professional and experiential knowledge and understanding of the human experience is well developed and at his disposal when coaching people through their life's challenges.

Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, Coach Ray, has experienced many trials and tribulations throughout his life that he encompasses into his coaching practice. From physical, mental, spiritual to emotional recovery, Coach Ray has lived through many similar circumstances his clients experience and is able to work with individuals in a way that is compassionate, trauma-informed, strength-based and accountability driven.

Coach Ray holds a B.A. in Psychology, is a Certified Professional Life Coach, is Certified as a Peer Specialist in New York State for both Mental Health and Substance Use, earned his Tang Soo Do Black Belt Certification in 2015 and actively volunteers as a Board and Committee Member with several organizations in the Hudson Valley of New York.

His passion is to coach people through the process of Recovering Their SELF™ to Live Their Purpose through their own customized MyFOURmula™ practice through The MyFOURmula Way™.

He is truly grateful for the Strength, Peace, Freedom and Love he continually receives from his wife, sons, parents, family, friends, colleagues, pets and the abundance of the universe. Coach Ray values with all of his Body, Mind, Spirit and Heart every single moment of every single day he is given!