Self Care
is the only way
to a great life

Let Coach Ray
and his
show you how




Maintaining a healthy body, mind, spirit and heart takes practice.
If finding that balance each and every day is something you struggle with,
then Coach Ray's
MyFOURmula™ and The MyFOURmula Way™
is the answer you've been searching for!

Start or continue your journey with #1 complete Life Coaching Way for

Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional

Health & Wellness.


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Derived from Indigenous Traditions such as The Medicine Wheel, and Eastern philosophies of Martial Arts development, MyFOURmula™ and TheMyFOURmulaWay™ is a customized practice of activities for the improvement of the four elements of each persons being: the Body, Mind, Spirit and Heart.

It is a way to heal your SELF from pain and suffering to live a life filled with meaning and purpose by building strength, peace, freedom and love from within. Start your own MyFOURmula™ TODAY!

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4 tenets



Building and maintaining a strong body; muscles, bones, blood flow, healthy cells and sufficient physical activities along with whole food, plant-based nutrition will lead to Strength In My Body™ and a healthier state of mind.


Formal and informal meditation practices and mindful activities allow your mind to reach a capacity of harmony in order to improve decision making. Sufficient mindful activities and rest will lead to Peace In My Mind™ and a healthier spirit.


Creating an open pathway for your soul to express itself will allow the spirit to be free, realizing the purpose and reason for your existence. Sufficient spiritual activities and believing in your purpose will lead to Freedom In My Spirit™ and healthier emotional awareness.


Loving your SELF, giving, sharing and receiving love will provide a sense of belonging and connectedness to all existences of life. Sufficient emotional wellness activities will allow trust to grow producing Love In My Heart™ and a healthier body of life.








Coach Ray is a transformative coach and a wise and caring man. He brings his real-world life experiences and heroic journey to every coaching session. Coach Ray has made a huge difference in my life – he has helped me to overcome personal fear and doubt enough for me to accomplish publishing my first book, and, through the ups and downs of starting a business. I am truly grateful for the exceptional coaching and caring Coach Ray has given me!
— T.J. Jones - Best Selling Author of "The Caring Warrior"
Coach Ray and his MyFOURmula Way has allowed me to conquer my struggles with depression, unhappiness and lack of confidence. Experiencing many painful losses in my life, Coach Ray helped me change my perspective on life and my life purpose. He introduced me to meditation, which helped tremendously when peace of mind was practically non-existent. As a creative, the constant second guessing that would enter my mind would lead me to fall short of my goals. Coach Ray taught me to LOVE what I create, and embrace my unique way of expressing myself creatively. Thanks to Coach Ray and The MyFOURmula Way I have made tremendous strides in my personal life and career endeavors.
— Tony Hooks, Music Producer & Creative Consultant
Coach Ray is very professional, talented and exhibits excellent skills in the areas of wellness, motivation and engagement. Last year, he successfully led a team building activity for Mental Health Association in Orange County, NY involving 75+ employees with diverse skills and cultural backgrounds. The feedback received was overwhelmingly positive with many requests for the return of Coach Ray for the 2018 Team Building Day!
— Nadia Allen, Executive Director - Mental Health Association in Orange County, Inc.
At a recent Welcome Orange Orientation training we discovered that Coach Ray is an energetic, passionate and empathic trainer with great command of the health and wellness material he presented. He is aware of different learning styles and quickly finds ways to effectively engage his audience. ¡Salud!
— Nolly Climes, Executive Director - Rehabilitation Support Services of Orange County, NY